Mailbox operators can provide their customers with a private-labelled digtial mailbox service

Offer Your Customers a Digital Mailbox

Do you receive mail for your customers? Our virtual mailbox software platform can give you the ability to provide your customers with a digital mailbox to view and manage their mail online. It's fast and easy to get setup with your own fully-branded, secure, digital mailbox service. Your customers will love the convenience of viewing and managing their postal mail online.

How Does It Work

The service is entirely cloud-based making it easy to setup and fast to deploy. Once ready, you simply snap a picture of your customer's mail using your mobile device or tablet, then use the same device to securely upload it to the virtual mailbox software platform. Once securely uploaded, you then assign each image to the appropriate customer and your done. The software will notify your customer automatically to prompt them they have new mail. Your customer can then log into the platform to securely view their mail and request a particular action to take on that mail item (e.g. forward, shred, recycle, open & scan, deposit check, etc.), which inturn notifies you as to the action they requested. When you complete the action requested, the system will again notify your customer for you.

The virtual mailbox software platform handles all the communication between you and the customer, keeps tabs of all service actions requested and completed, creates a month-end invoice automatically and even bill's your customer each month. All you need to do is manage their mail and enjoy the additional revenue.

  • Is the service secure?
    Absolutely. All images uploaded and viewed on the platform are secured by 2048-bit SSL connection which is the same security level banks use to protect their customer's personal and financial records. Every information exchange between the mailroom operator, end user, web browser, and smart phone is utilizes the same highly secure HTTPS connection. Also, our physical servers are located in a tightly controlled colocation facility with over 20 years of experience in cloud based storage.
  • Can the digital mail software use my company logo?
    Yes! You can easily add your company info and logo to the platform to make it fully private-labeled. Your branding appears throughout the platform, including customer invoicing.
  • Do I have to purchase any software or hardware?
    No, the service is entirely cloud-based, which makes deployment quick and easy.
  • Do I have to provide all the service options?
    No, you can choose which services you want to provide. These include mail forwarding, shred, recycle, open & scan, and check cashing.
  • How much is it?
    Pricing is a simple flat rate per mailbox. There are no minimums, no long-term contracts and no setup or activation fees. Each mailbox gets unlimited digital mail storage, scans and all other actions. You only pay when you add a customer to the system. Additionally, you have total control of the retail pricing, so your margins can be whatever you want.
  • Do I have to commit long-term?
    No, it's month-to-month for you and your customers.
  • Can I demo the software before I make a decision?
    Sure, just fill out our partner form here and we'll be in touch to setup a demo and answer any additional questions.
  • Do you offer volume discounts?
    Yes, if you have more than 100 mailboxes to add, contact us and we can discuss a volume discount.
  • I'm interested, now what?
    Fill out our partner form here and we'll be in touch.