Personal Privacy

When you start a new business, you often need to include a mailing address on business forms, registrations, marketing materials, etc.. If you plan to work from your primary residence and don't have a traditional office for your business, then you'll have to use your home address as your mailing address. This can lead to loss of personal privacy as your business mailing address is public facing, often part of various databases and publically posted online for anyone to research and find.

With a business mailing address from Freedom Mailbox®, you can use a separate business mailing address in place of your residential address to maintain your personal privacy. If anyone looks up your business address online, they'll see a professional, multi-tenant office building, allowing you to separate your business mailing address for business purposes and your personal address for personal use.

If you receive mail at your Freedom Mailbox® mailing address, we'll snap a pic of the mail and notify you allowing you to login to your mailbox dashboard allowing you to view and manage your mail remotely.