Business Mailing Address

Having a PO Box as your business mailing address will keep your personal address private, but it doesn't help to project a professional, established image for your business. Getting a private mailbox with a real street address at a traditional private mailbox provider helps solve that problem, but it still falls short. Traditional private mailbox providers operate from retail locations allowing anyone to quickly search your mailing address and see that the location is a retail-based mailbox service, undermining that professional, established image you want for your growing small business.

Freedom Mailbox® operates from prestigious, multi-suite office buildings, just like many established businesses do. When you have a business mailing address that is part of a professional office building, your prospects, customers and vendors can look up your business mailing address online and see a professional office building, providing instant credibility.

Additionally, since we're a cloud-based service and not a retail store, we are focused on making our digital mailbox platform as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. We're not helping walk-in customers print flyers or ship their sold ebay items, so we're able to focus on providing you the simpliest, fastest, and most price-competitive way of viewing and managing your postal mail online.