How Freedom Mailbox® Works

Manage Your Postal Mail Securely Online.

Image showing signing up and completing from 1583

Choose Your Address

When you apply for Freedom Mailbox®, you'll need to choose a business mailing address location, private mailbox number (PMB) and complete USPS Form 1583 giving our mail receiving office permission to receive and handle your mail. Once your Form 1583 is received and accepted, you can start having your mail delivered to your new address.

Image showing your mail online or mobile

View Your Mail Online

When your mail arrives at our receiving office, our staff snaps a pic of it and assigns it to your account. You'll then receive an email notification that you have new mail, allowing you to securely view your mail online or on our mobile app. Your physical mail is securely stored at our sorting facility until you decide on what to do next.

Image of managing your mail online or mobile

Manage Your Mail Online

When you view new mail, you can request specific actions for each mail item. Choose to have your mail opened and the contents scanned, have it shredded, recycle it or choose to have it forwarded to you. Your forwarding address is kept private thus allowing you the flexibility to decide where you want to receive your selected physical mail.

Image showing thumbs up for time saved

Enjoy the Convenience

Once an action for a particular mail item is completed, you are notified thus ensuring your mail is handled exactly the way you requested. For mail that is opened and scanned, you're able to securely view each scanned page with the option to print or download all or selected pages. You can also archive your mail securely 'in the cloud', creating a paperless backup of your physical mail without any additional effort.